Arson is the illegal act of intentionally setting fire to property with the intent of destroying or heavily damaging that property.  People commit arson usually so that they can claim insurance on that property, but other people do it purely as an unmotivated act or as an act of revenge against the owner of the building.

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  • Confessing to Committing Arson
  • Many people, more than you might suspect, actually voluntarily confess to committing arson. The police may also use some different methods to get a suspect to confess to arson, such as misleading a person with false hopes of getting a lighter sentence.  However, a police officer cannot lie under oath when using this method.  They are also expected to read the suspect their Miranda rights.  All of this will be thoroughly examined during the court case.
  • Impressing a Judge in an Arson Case
  • There are many things that one who is suspected or convicted of arson can do to impress a judge during a court case. The person may want to appeal to the judge saying that they are truly sorry for committing the arson, and are now on a good path and will do more harm or menace to society.  For this sort of an appeal to work, however, the suspect or convict will need to have displayed exemplary actions in the rest of their lives, such as excellent grades at school or displays a great work performance and a desire to continue that excellent work performance for their employer.
  • Something else that can impress a judge in an arson case is for the suspect or convict to volunteer for work, such as in a charity organization o in some sort of similar group. This is probably an even more effective way of gaining favor with a judge.  Ideally, this volunteer work should be for something that the suspect or convict is good at to ensure that they do a good job with it, and to prove that they are capable of proving themselves in society.
  • Paying the Damages

Someone who commits the arson will usually have to pay for all of the property damage to the original property owner, and should have this money prepared before heading to court.  Not only will this make the court process go by much smoother, but it can also give the convicted a lighter sentence as it proves that they are trying to fix the situation.

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